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Vitality is a growing, family-run business located in two vibrant, rapidly expanding small towns. RMT owned and operated, our focus is on providing top quality healthcare in a positive, supportive environment. 

Registered Massage Therapist

Opportunity for a new or experienced RMT. Our offices are GORGEOUS, with top of the line electric tables, Jane online booking/charting system, linens, lotion, PPE, and a fantastic collaborative culture with Pelvic Physio, Naturopath and other RMTs. 


We offer a 70% split, with the option of employee or Independent Contractor status. Scheduling is your choice, as are vacation time, breaks, etc.  


We are highly motivated to ensure our practitioners are HAPPY as well as SUCCESSFUL. Come see how it feels to be RESPECTED, VALUED and SUPPORTED while growing your practice in a place (and with PEOPLE) you can be proud of.

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